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Downloadable audiobooks and eBooks from OverDrive are digital versions of the latest best sellers, book club favorites, award winning authors and more, that you can download and listen to on your computer or portable listening device. To download, you will need:

  • A valid Library card and Password
  • Access to the Internet
  • A device and software which works with the Overdrive files. Please click here for a list of these devices.

Please note that downloadable audiobooks and eBooks can be enjoyed at home, at work, or when you travel, but are not for use on the computers in your library.

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PPLC digital library lending policies are available here.

Helpful Hints

*Please remember that once a title has been added to your Cart, you have 60 minutes to check it out. This applies whether or not the title was moved from your Waiting List. Unfortunately if you wait longer than 60 minutes, the title will be deleted from your cart and you will have to place a new hold on the title if you wish to check it out.

* If you have your library card replaced for any reason, please remember to contact us to have your Overdrive account information transferred to your new card number. You will not be able to access materials placed on your Waiting List before the card number was changed unless your account information is transferred.

Video Instructions from Overdrive

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Windows Phone 7 Instructions

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