Flood Information - available in the Reference Department at Main Library, 3745 9th Ave. North.  Call 893-7928 for more information.

General Information

  • FIRM flood Maps  REF FLOOD INFO
  • Guide to flood maps : how to use a flood map to determine flood risk for a property. [U.S. Doc] HS 5.108:F 65/4 
  • Getting ready for disaster: one family's experience [U.S. DOC] HS 5.102:D 63/DVD 
  • Comprehensive emergency management plan [FLA DOC] 363.349 C737 
  • Hurricane Storm Tide Atlas ( Pinellas County) REF 912 HURRICANE


  • Food and water in an emergency. [U.S. Doc] HS 5.102:EM 3/3 
  • Homeowner's guide to retrofitting : six ways to protect your house from flooding   [U.S. Doc] FEM 1.8:H 75/ 2 
  • Protecting your home from flood damage : mitigation ideas for reducing flood loss [U.S. Doc] HS 5.102:F 65/6 
  • Design guidelines for flood damage reduction. [U.S. Doc] FEM 1.2:F 65/981 
  • Engineering principles and practices for retrofitting flood-prone residential structures [U.S. Doc] FEM 1.2:F 66/2/2001 
  • Elevated residential structures [U.S. Doc] FEM 1.2:R 31/2 
  • Protecting floodplain resources : a guidebook for communities. [U.S. Doc] HS 5.102:F65/1 
  • Manufactured home installation in flood hazard areas. [U.S. Doc] FEM 1.2:MA.1 
  • Flood-proofing non-residential structures. [U.S. Doc] FEM 1.2:F 65/12 
  • Floodplain management in the United States: an assessment report [U.S. Doc] FEM 1.2:F65/18 
  • Mitigation of flood and erosion damage to residential buildings in coastal areas [U.S. Doc] FEM 1.202:M 69 
  • Selecting appropriate mitigation measures for flood-prone structures [U.S. DOC] HS 5.120:ST 8/CD 
  • Retrofitting and flood mitigation in Florida [FLA DOC] 363.3493 R438 2007

Flood Insurance Information 

  • What you need to know about federal disaster assistance and National Flood Insurance. [U.S. Doc] HS 5.102:F 65/7/2004 
  • Flood Outreach Toolkit: What You Need To Know About Flooding & Flood Insurance, July 2007, (CD-ROM) [U.S. DOC] HS 5.120:F 65/3 
  • Flood Insurance Manual, May 2005, Revised May 2006, Revised October 2006, (CD-ROM). [U.S. DOC] HS 5.120:F 65/2006/CD 
  • National Flood Insurance Program : dwelling form, standard flood insurance policy. [U.S. Doc] HS 5.102:F 76/2 
  • National Flood Insurance Program : general property form, standard flood insurance policy. [U.S. Doc] HS 5.102:F 76 
  • Mandatory purchase of flood insurance guidelines [U.S. Doc] FEM 1.2:F/2007 
  • Flood insurance study: Pinellas County, Florida and incorporated areas. [U.S. Doc] FEM 1.209/9:12103CV000B 
  • Answers to questions about the National Flood Insurance Program [U.S. Doc] HS 5.10/2:F 65/2/2006 
  • Flood insurance claims handbook. [U.S. Doc] HS 5.108:C 52/2006 
  • Coastal construction manual : principles and practices of planning, siting, designing, constructing, and maintaining residential buildings [U.S. Doc] FEM 1.8:C 76/5/v.1-3 
  • Appeals, revisions and amendments to National Flood Insurance Program maps: a guide for community officials [U.S. Doc] HS 5.108:1993 

After the Flood 

  • RSDE in your community training video. [U.S. DOC] HS 5.120:R 31/CD 
  • Reducing damage from localized flooding a guide for communities [U.S. DOC] HS 5.120:D 18/2/CD 
  • After a flood : the first steps [U.S. Doc] HS 5.102:F 65/5 
  • Repairing your flooded home [U.S. Doc] HS 5.102:F 65/3 
  • Cleaning up : information on clean up and repair of flood damaged property. [U.S. Doc] HS 5.102:F 65/

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